School News

Back-to-School Sunday Big Boar BBQ Tickets

Sunday, August 26 is St. John's Back-to-School Sunday. Parents United in Christ will be hosting a Big Boar BBQ Pulled Pork Meal from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The meal will consist of a pulled pork sandwich, beans, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and a drink. The presale tickets are $9.00 each and can be purchased in the office or contact PUC members Anna Bernau or Maria Felten for tickets. Tickets the day of the Big Boar BBQ will be $10.00 each. Please make checks out to Parents United.


Have you heard the news? Cross Country and Flag Football are now St. John's sports!!! LALSAC has changed things up a bit for the 2018-1019 school year. All sports have been moved to coincide with the high school sports season. Please use this link to the athletic page to find out more about the sports you are interested in! Mrs. Paus is our new athletic director. If you are planning to run cross country, it is IMPERATIVE that you get in touch with her right away. She must have you registered by August 30 for the September 6 meet. No late entries will be accepted as this meet is not run by LALSAC. Contact her at or call school 507-725-3412.

Jr. Knights

Jr. Knights is strictly a parent volunteer run organization that currently provides multiple athletic opportunities outside of the sports programs offered in our Lutheran elementary schools through LALSAC. The sports offered can occasionally vary depending on the coaching staff available but the primary sports include:
  • Fall: Tackle Football (6th-8th grade boys)
  • Fall/Winter: Basketball (5th-8th grade boys/girls)
  • Summer: Fast Pitch Softball (ages 12-14 girls)
  • Summer: Speed and Agility Program (5th-8th grade boys/girls)
  • Volleyball: (currently 8th grade) See the website for details on season dates
Find out more about the seasons and registration at
While the Jr. Knights program is supported by Luther High School, it is not organized or operated by the school. It is organized by parent volunteers within our church and schools. Plese note that registration deadlines for the fall sports of football and basketball are in early August.

Wish you could keep St. John's version of The Little Mermaid, Jr. forever? Get your DVD now and keep watching and singing along! DVD's are $10 each. Please contact the office to pick up one.
If you were not able to attend roundup and want to learn more about what St. John's has to offer your child, please contact the school office at 507-725-3412 to set up a meeting and tour. Children must be 4 years old by September 1 for Preschool or 5 years old by September 1 for Kindergarten.