We collect a variety of items for school throughout the year. Each of these companies donates money or products to school in return for our patronage.

We include Kwik Trip Milk Moola bottle caps and bag tops, Box Tops for Education (General Mills), ink cartridges, and aluminum cans.

The cans can be dropped off anytime in the can corral behind the school. Labels etc. can be brought to school and placed in the container in front of the secretary's office, given to the children to bring to school, or brought to church and placed in the bin under the table in the entryway or in the kitchen in the basement.

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to get them to us!



Do you know what Scrip is? If not, click HERE to read a brief description of the program. 

Scrip order forms are available at the church/school office and after the worship services in the church basement. You may also print your own form by clicking on the link below. You may designate a portion of the purchase for tuition or another church or school fund.

There are many additional companies that offer scrip, but are not included on our forms. The link to the order form below is what we have on hand. Please check out the following link if you are interested in other companies to purchase Scrip from:  Hotels and airline tickets are examples of cards we do not keep on hand but can order. 

During the school year, Mrs. Housker is available in the school office to assist in the purchase of Scrip. The school office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30AM to 3:30PM.

Questions? Please call 725-3412. Thank you! 

Click HERE for a PDF copy of the scrip form