Mrs. Trisha Engelbrecht

 Teacher, Grades 3-4

It’s interesting to see God’s hand in action. Back in 1974 I was adopted specifically to a WELS family living here in Caledonia, Minnesota.  After graduating from MLC, I taught 5 years of preschool, 8 years of kindergarten, and 6 years of first and second grade combined. Now God has brought me back to Caledonia.

I have been truly blessed with an amazing family.  My son Curtis just finished college at WLC and my daughter Halley is a sophomore at MLC.  My husband Jon is the new dean of students at Luther High. In our spare time Jon and I are still working on turning our new house in Rockland into a home.  We like to enjoy the three main seasons of our year: hunting season, baseball/softball season for our children, and Tough Mudder season.